Who We Are & What We Do

6 May

It has come to our attention recently that there’s been some misinformation circulating about who we are and what we do. So, we’re here to set the record straight about No Kill Nation.

No Kill Nation’s mission is to work towards shelter reform on a national level. We begin by educating the public about the realities of the three to four million homeless animals needlessly dying in our nation’s shelters annually – and how we can eliminate the killing through the implementation of the proven No Kill Equation.  Then, we bring to light the truth about the “Big Three” – the ASPCA, the HSUS and PETA, and their opposition to the No Kill movement. Through these educational efforts, we inspire and encourage a grassroots movement where animal lovers across the nation can work towards shelter reform and legislation in their respective regions. In partnership with the No Kill Advocacy Center, we are determined to create a No Kill Nation.

We are not, however, a rescue group. We do not pull animals from shelters, or re-home surrendered pets. We work to solve the problem at its core – with the operations of shelters across the country.

In February of 2011, a protest against Miami Dade Animal Services was organized by some local animal rights activists. This protest was NOT organized or created by No Kill Nation. However, members of our team did attend, as we supported its overall aim – to have Dr. Sara Pizano removed as Director of MDAS and replaced with a compassionate No Kill leader.  No Kill Nation is an ADVOCACY group – not an ACTIVIST group. The two are very different. While we might attend a protest, (if it’s appropriate, non-violent and respectful) we would not organize one.

We are an incorporated not-for-profit organization. We meet with community leaders, county government officials and legislators, attend public hearings, speak with the media, provide educational outreach and build relationships with like-minded community associations. For the record, we do not support or advocate name-calling of our opponents, using slanderous language, protesting at the homes of shelter leaders, Facebook bullying or any other tactics that demonstrate a lack of civilized behavior. You will never see or hear a staff member of No Kill Nation participating in these types of actions.

Some of our opponents have accused us of personal attacks, spreading insulting nicknames and the like, but those who are behind these actions are NOT members of No Kill Nation.

We hope this has helped to dispel some of the rumors surrounding us. If you have further questions about what we do & who we are, always feel free to reach out to us directly via email.

Please visit us on Facebook, and check out our new joint project with the No Kill Advocacy Center – Rescue Five-O, designed to assist No Kill advocates across the nation in helping to transform their communities and help pass legislation to protect shelter pets nationally. Recently, we sent copies of sample legislation (known as CAPA, the Companion Animal Protection Act) and other materials to all 7,400 US legislators. Additionally, we are looking for No Kill representatives in every state – so please contact us if you feel you can best represent the region in your local area.


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