Manatee County, Florida, Takes the First Step Towards No Kill

27 Jul

Time marches on – and as it does, greater numbers of progressive, animal-loving communities are beginning to see the light and take the turn towards No Kill. The most recent community to adopt a No Kill pledge is Manatee County, Florida.

Inspired by Nathan Winograd’s book, Redemption, and having attended one of Nathan’s seminars, Kris Weiskopf, the chief of Manatee County Animal Services, realized that his county could develop a plan to reach the ultimate goal of a 90%+ save rate.

The local community in Manatee County has previously expressed their interest in going No Kill (including the Humane Society of Manatee County), so this county already has a strong community support base in place.

This chief has been in position for over 13 years, and he was still able to open his mind and embrace a new, lifesaving concept. The many entrenched shelter directors who refuse to see any way but the status quo should look to Mr. Weiskopf’s example.

Please stop by and visit the Manatee County Animal Services Facebook page and show your support for their efforts. Let’s help them hit that 90%+ save rate!

Additionally, you can read Mr. Weiskopf’s new column,“A View to No-Kill” every Tuesday for the Bradenton Herald.

Congratulations, Manatee County. In the words of your chief: “This is a new beginning, a new Animal Services.”


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