Memphis Animal Services Director Resigns

12 Aug

As the No Kill movement grows in strength and numbers, we can expect to see the old guard leaders falling, one by one. They cannot withstand the light of truth on the darkness they’ve perpetrated in their facilities. In the last week, Miami-Dade Animal Services Director Dr. Sara Pizano resigned, followed yesterday by Memphis Animal Services Director Matthew Pepper.

Matthew Pepper’s one-year tenure was marked with countless images of abuse visible on shelter webcams, an employee charged with animal cruelty and a kill rate exceeding 70%. All the outraged community heard from Pepper was excuses.

This is the city’s opportunity to build a brighter tomorrow. By installing a leader versed in No Kill practices and procedures, Memphis can turn its dismal facility around. Animals can start leaving out the front door, with families, instead of through the back, in garbage bags.

Mayor Wharton: now’s your chance to be a hero. If you install a No Kill leader, you’ll be celebrated, cheered on, and supported. The public will be on your side instead of fighting against you. Stand up for your community’s animals. Stop the killing. Stop the abuse.

For those interested in voicing their support for a No Kill leader to take the stage in Memphis, you can join YesBiscuit’s letter-writing campaign to city leaders here.

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