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15 Dogs Rescued in the Everglades in One Day

4 Nov

Last Saturday, the dedicated volunteers of the 100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades project loaded up and headed down to Homestead, ready to rescue. The goal: to bring in as many dogs as possible, get them vetted and cared for, then adopt them out to loving homes.

The day began with a bang, as the team discovered a family of four dogs;  mother, father and two young siblings; living at a Chevron station. They were able to capture the two young pups, but had to go back for the mom and dad. The mom was eventually captured, but the dad is still on the loose. Volunteers plan to return to find him.

Next, a little dachshund and a beautiful yellow lab mix were found, running loose in a residential area. Rescuers scooped them up. The dachshund is heartworm positive and will be receiving treatment.

Soon thereafter, a man emerged from his home with a momma dog. He told the team she had recently birthed six puppies. Volunteers encouraged him to turn over the momma and the puppies, who were living under a wheelbarrow. Eventually, he relented, and the team took all seven family members in: the mother, six girls and six boys.

Next up – a sweet, loving pitty mix was found outside several apartment homes. Fully pregnant and extremely friendly, the team was able to take her in without issue. They named her Lana. Later, the vet discovered she’s pregnant with approximately 10 to 14 puppies! Along with Lana, a lovely shepard mix (later named Valentina) was captured, with a little more effort.

And lastly, volunteers in another part of the region rescued a little rat terrier.

All in all, this day of rescued resulted in 15 lives saved, in addition to the 10-14 puppies Lana’s carrying.

This lifesaving work is possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters! Vetting and caring for these animals is extremely expensive. Thanks to people like you, our incredible local vet partners, and the community at large, we’ve been able to save more than 100 dogs thus far, and many have found forever homes. Sadly, there are still many more dogs to save, but we won’t stop until our work is complete.

To donate to our cause, please visit our ChipIn here. You may also donate via credit card by calling the NKN office at 888-589-4188, by mailing a check or dropping one off at:

837 Southeast 8th Ave, Suite 201
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

For drop offs, please call the above number in advance to set up a time.

Drop off locations are also available in Miami. Please email fladogs@thenokillnation.org for more information on those locations.

We are also in need of many items from our Amazon wishlist! You can view those items here. 

No Kill Nation, Inc., is a 501c3 public charity, so all donations are tax-deductible.

100+ Abandoned Dogs Left to Starve in the Everglades

20 Oct

Recently, it came to the attention of No Kill Nation that over a hundred dogs have been dumped in the Everglades/Homestead area of South Florida. These dogs, mostly domesticated, have been left to fend for themselves. Many end up starving to death. Some get hit by cars. Others are attacked by alligators or killed by bufo toads. Most are not spayed or neutered, and puppies are often born in the wild.

This tragic situation led to a massive call to action, and a group of dedicated rescuers and No Kill Nation staffers have come together to help coordinate the rescue of these animals. Volunteers are feeding and caring for the dogs, and others are trapping and transporting dogs to vet’s offices and foster homes.

More are dumped every day, so this is an ongoing struggle. We’re in need of foster and adoptive homes, monetary donations for vetting, donations of food, medicines, supplies and other items – and volunteers to help transport. If you can help, please email fladogs@thenokillnation.org.

Those who wish to donate can do so through ChipIn. Or, checks can be mailed to 837 Southeast 8th Ave, Suite 201, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441.

An Amazon Wishlist of needed goods has been set up, so donations could be made this way as well.

A puppy, hit by a car in Homestead, Florida. RIP little one.