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Shelter Reform Legislation Introduced in New York!

16 May

Despite the death of CAPA in Texas last week, things are looking up! A shelter reform and rescue access law has just been introduced in New York state! This legislation, entitled the Companion Animal Adoption & Rescue Act (CAARA), was introduced by New York State Senator Joseph Robach and Assembly Member Micah Kellner last week. This legislation would save the lives of approximately 25,000 animals in New York, all animals currently denied to rescue groups, only to face their own deaths.

The proposed legislation would mandate access to death row animals for rescue groups, end killing when a shelter has empty cages, require shelters to post their statistics and lots of other common sense provisions that will SAVE LIVES.

And even more good news? The bill has already received support from Alley Cat Allies, Best Friends and the No Kill Advocacy Center! It’s a team effort, and this bill is on track to change things for the better for New York’s homeless animals. Share the good news, and encourage New Yorkers to reach out to their elected representatives and show their strong support for this bill!

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