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Could Texas Be the First No Kill State?

21 Sep

The No Kill movement in Texas is on a roll. Austin and Williamson County have maintained 90%+ save rates for six months and counting, Seagoville has instituted a No Kill policy, and Rockwall has managed a 97% live outcome for August and a 90% mandated save rate as they move forward. Obviously, the Lone Star state is making its mark.

Additionally, San Antonio, whose leaders have been talking about going No Kill for some time (unsuccessfully), has recently demoted its director in the hopes of making positive change. It could be a step in the No Kill direction for the city.

Some have speculated that Virginia may be the first No Kill state, as they have a significant number of no or low kill communities, but it looks like Texas is in the running, too.

I foresee a lifesaving battle ahead! Hopefully, other states will jump into the competition, and the No Kill movement will continue to widen its reach. Every day, more and more animal lovers are learning the truth about our nation’s shelters, and as time passes, they simply won’t stand for the status quo. The possibilities are endless – and one day, we will be a No Kill Nation.