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100+ Abandoned Dogs Left to Starve in the Everglades

20 Oct

Recently, it came to the attention of No Kill Nation that over a hundred dogs have been dumped in the Everglades/Homestead area of South Florida. These dogs, mostly domesticated, have been left to fend for themselves. Many end up starving to death. Some get hit by cars. Others are attacked by alligators or killed by bufo toads. Most are not spayed or neutered, and puppies are often born in the wild.

This tragic situation led to a massive call to action, and a group of dedicated rescuers and No Kill Nation staffers have come together to help coordinate the rescue of these animals. Volunteers are feeding and caring for the dogs, and others are trapping and transporting dogs to vet’s offices and foster homes.

More are dumped every day, so this is an ongoing struggle. We’re in need of foster and adoptive homes, monetary donations for vetting, donations of food, medicines, supplies and other items – and volunteers to help transport. If you can help, please email

Those who wish to donate can do so through ChipIn. Or, checks can be mailed to 837 Southeast 8th Ave, Suite 201, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441.

An Amazon Wishlist of needed goods has been set up, so donations could be made this way as well.

A puppy, hit by a car in Homestead, Florida. RIP little one.

No Kill Miami Launches Campaign to Make Miami-Dade County Newest No- Kill Community in America

17 Oct

No Kill Miami is launching an unprecedented campaign to bring the Miami-Dade community and Miami-Dade Animal Services (MDAS) together, for the very first time, to end the killing of healthy and treatable animals at our tax-payer funded, open- admission shelter. This exciting collaboration will focus on implementing new lifesaving programs and policies based on the best performing shelters across the country.¬†Collectively known as the “No Kill Equation,” these programs and policies have helped numerous communities across the country achieve save rates of 90 percent or better.

“A collection of concerned animal-loving citizens, and leading animal welfare advocates, No Kill Miami is addressing a long-standing history of killing at MDAS. Miami-Dade Animal Services killed roughly 22,000 companion animals at the shelter last year, over 60 percent of all dogs and cats. We believe that staggering level of killing does not reflect our community’s values,” says Debi Day, Director of No Kill Miami.

With the appointment of a compassionate new director at MDAS, the opportunity for change is ripe, and No Kill Miami is calling on the community to support this new lifesaving mission.

We are asking the public to visit to learn about the many important ways they can help us end the killing today. For those without computer access, please call us toll free at 888-589-4188.

We are looking for a variety of volunteers to help us implement these No Kill programs, which include fostering neonatal puppies and kittens, promoting off-site adoptions, organizing fundraising events, providing pet owners with information to address behavioral and medical problems, and launching public relations and marketing campaigns to get the community involved in this exciting lifesaving mission.

About No Kill Miami: is an animal welfare think tank compromised of concerned animal-loving citizens, prominent figures in the community, animal welfare experts, animal law attorneys, shelter volunteers, and community veterinarians working to make Miami-Dade a No Kill Community.