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MDAS Offering Temporary $0 Fee for Rescuers to Take Cats

22 Sep

Miami-Dade Animal Services (MDAS) is offering a $0 fee for rescuers looking to take cats, for a limited time only! MDAS is experiencing a power outage, and is looking to find as many homes as possible for over a hundred cats taken in from a hoarding situation this week. Interested rescuers should get to the shelter immediately to take advantage of this special offer.

And please spread the word about this special promotion. These kitties deserve a fresh start after all they’ve been through.

MDAS is located at 7401 Northwest 74th Street, Medley, FL. Their phone number is (305) 884-1101, and their hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

100 Cats Up for Adoption at Miami Dade Animal Services

22 Sep

100 cats are up for adoption at Miami-Dade Animal Services (MDAS) after they were surrendered due to a hoarding situation. A West Hialeah, Florida, woman was taking in strays for years with the intent to help them, but became overwhelmed with the number of cats living in her apartment.

These kitties ranges in ages from kittens to adult cats, and many suffer from infections or other illnesses. Those who are sick are now being nursed back to health by Animal Services’ vet staff. There are adorable kittens, frisky young adults, big cuddly cats, and much more. Whatever you’re looking for in a feline, you’ll find amidst this large group of cats in need.  Many are immediately available to be adopted into loving homes.

MDAS is reaching out to the community for help in this dire situation. Foster homes, adopters and volunteers are all needed immediately.

To adopt, foster or help one of these special kitties, please visit Miami-Dade Animal Services at 7401 Northwest 74th Street, Medley, FL. Their phone number is (305) 884-1101, and their hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please consider opening your hearts and homes to assist these cats. They’re in urgent need of new homes!

Kitties available for adoption at Miami-Dade Animal Services

Could Texas Be the First No Kill State?

21 Sep

The No Kill movement in Texas is on a roll. Austin and Williamson County have maintained 90%+ save rates for six months and counting, Seagoville has instituted a No Kill policy, and Rockwall has managed a 97% live outcome for August and a 90% mandated save rate as they move forward. Obviously, the Lone Star state is making its mark.

Additionally, San Antonio, whose leaders have been talking about going No Kill for some time (unsuccessfully), has recently demoted its director in the hopes of making positive change. It could be a step in the No Kill direction for the city.

Some have speculated that Virginia may be the first No Kill state, as they have a significant number of no or low kill communities, but it looks like Texas is in the running, too.

I foresee a lifesaving battle ahead! Hopefully, other states will jump into the competition, and the No Kill movement will continue to widen its reach. Every day, more and more animal lovers are learning the truth about our nation’s shelters, and as time passes, they simply won’t stand for the status quo. The possibilities are endless – and one day, we will be a No Kill Nation.

Support Bastrop Fire Rescue Efforts

16 Sep

Recently, the Bastrop County wildfires were an expected and horrific blight on the lives of thousands of Texans. These devastating fires have destroyed hundreds of homes, and forced thousands of people and animals to flee.

If you haven’t already, please consider donating to Austin Pets Alive!’s tireless rescue efforts for the Bastrop fire disaster.  Austin Pets Alive! and other organizations have been doing outstanding work – reuniting pets with their owners, finding families for homeless pets, rescuing trapped animals, feeding and caring for displaced pets, and so much more. You can stay abreast of Austin Pets Alive!’s efforts through their Facebook page.

Here’s a link to a fund which goes directly to Austin Pets Alive! Thank you for your generous support.